Online Income Strategies

In the current economic climate, being able to make a little extra money on the internet is extremely helpful.

Thankfully, there are plenty of online income strategies to help you live a little easier.

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1) Blogging

If you can create quality content on a regular basis and build up a readership, then monetizing your blog can potentially bring in thousands of dollars per month. Advertising programs like Google Adsense pay per click require little effort on you part, making it one of the best online income strategies around. Someone click on the ad and you earn.

2) Becoming an affiliate

If you run a website, becoming an affiliate is a great way to monetize your website. Companies like Amazon offer you the chance to advertise their products, and if a purchase is made via your website, then you will receive a percentage. This can be very lucrative if you receive a lot of traffic.

3) Copywriting

Providing you can write well, becoming a copywriter is an ideal second job to have online. People are always in need of writers for their websites, and if you have good spelling and grammar, bringing in an additional few hundred dollars a month is very possible.

4) Translating

Being fluent in a second language enables you to be very profitable online. Translators are regularly required to copy passages to and from English. Passing a test will grant you access to translation work and you can operate at a speed which suits you.

5) Audio transcribing

For quick typers and good listeners, audio transcribing is a worthwhile online income strategy. Focus groups and speeches often need to be written up but transcribers have a flexible workload. You only have to take work on when you want to, making it a perfect part-time job.

6) Selling items on Ebay

Thanks to the internet, selling your unwanted items is easier than ever. Auction websites such as Ebay offer a simple way to get rid of things and make money quickly. And, if what you’re selling ends up in a bidding war, you could earn more than you thought achievable.

7) Answering questions

Ever wondered who writes the answers to questions on sites like ChaCha? The answer is ordinary people. After getting yourself on the panel, you can answer questions at will which pay you per answer.

8) Freelance journalism

For those with a knack of telling a story, freelance journalism can be one of the most lucrative online income strategies. Listverse will pay $100 per accepted article longer than 1500 words. List-based articles tend to be very popular, and there are a few sites offering similar opportunities.

9) Completing tasks

Companies such as Amazon Mechanical Turk and Crowdsource offer an easy route to make a little bit extra. Searching for keywords, categorizing products and other sorts of simple tasks pay modestly, but with persistence, it is possible to rack up some additional cash.

10) Completing surveys

Filling in surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn online. Market research is vitally important for companies and therefore financial incentives are always offered to get people to take part. Some surveys will screen you out if you do not match the requirements, but there are typically enough to bring in some extra cash on a daily basis.